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The aviation field can provide a variety of exciting career options for graduates. In addition to flight training, students can also pursue a number of other successful positions upon graduation. These include positions as dispatchers, jobs in the air traffic control field, and even flight maintenance prospects. For those interested in business pursuits, management positions at major airlines are also a possibility. By keeping this in mind, NVS Academy offers a well structured program to ensure that students are equipped with all these knowledge and skills that are highly demanded in today's job market.

Commercial Pilot Training

Among the many jobs that the Aviation sector provides, this one has to be the most glamorous as well as rewarding one!

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Diploma in airport ground staff/Air Hostess

This Diploma course is aimed at training students to take on roles of Air Hostess, Steward on Flights.

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Diploma in Airport and Airline Management

This is a Diploma course that lasts 1 year and focuses solely on the area of Airport Management.

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Air Hostess / Cabin Crew Management

Airport management is not just about pilots and cabin crew! Behind the scenes, many professionals work on aspects such as security etc.

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Diplomo in travel/Tourism Management

This course gives you the opportunity to develop the understanding and knowledge of the Tourism, Hospitality and customer service industry in its professional capacity. It is designed to provide competence airline information.

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Basic Diploma in Flight Dispatch

The Aircraft Dispatcher is a licensed airman who has joint responsibility with the captain for the safety and operational control of flights under his guidance.He analyzes and evaluates meteorological information to determine potential hazards to safety of flight

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Basic Diploma in Radio Telephony Restricted

The radiotelephony operator’s license RTR (Aeronautical) is a mandatory requirement for the use of communication equipments in an aircraft. Beside the pilots, as it will be an integral part of a flight dispatcher, we at NVS Aviation Academy ...

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Basic Diploma in Aviation Security

The course is designed to train base or entry level airport security personnel to enforce, monitor and apply airport security measures in accordance with locally approved programmes, and to communicate and cooperate with other airport agencies.

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